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Nipper Class.  


The main focus of the class is to introduce the concepts of karate in a fun way. Many of the fun movements and activities are designed to increase the student’s co-ordination; essential for the child’s all round development.  

Classes are kept very small, normally under ten, which allows the teacher time to correct and encourage technique.  

5-7 years old

Childrens Classes.  


We run two childrens classes,  Beginners and Senior Grade classes.  All classes work to their respective grading syllabus with the goal of achieving a higher grade. 

Students work on the basics of karate, Kata (form), and Kumite (sparring) and self-defence applications.   All sparring is non contact whist striking-pads are used to develop power and focus bringing an all round fitness of body and mind.

7-13 years old

Teens Classes.  

This class is typically for our high grade teenagers grades. The class still follows their respective grading syllabus, and also focuses on a high level of training. This is often the class for our younger members who are on their way to their black belts.  Classes are intense, but fun.

13+ years old


Adults Classes.  


Beginner Classes

These classes are designed for members new to karate and up to yellow belt level.  In these classes members will learn the basic principles of our style Wado.  Each class involves a basic warm-up and flexibility exercises which help to condition the body and build general fitness, followed by detail instruction to our basic movements and their applications.  

  • Basics techniques (punches, kicks, throws, locks and body  shifting)

  • Kata (Forms and their application). These include single person kata as well as numerous two man kata.

  • Pre arranged pair work

  • Kumite ( Free Sparring)


Higher grade classes

This class focuses on building upon what our adult beginners have learnt. It also allows an opportunity for our senior grades in the club to practice their higher techniques and kata. 


16+ years old

Tournament Squad Training

Tournament squad

Here the students will work together to improve their levels of karate within their own grade levels.  The training becomes more intense and the expectations of their standard are higher. These classes are ideal for those wishing to pursue sport karate. 

High Performance Sport Classes

These classes are divided into two main areas:

  • Kata (form)

  • Kumite (Sport Karate Sparring)


Both of these classes require higher levels of fitness and detail attention to technique which will give them the cutting edge within the tournament arena.  `

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